Set of 2 Stickers.

Lindsay Babbitt is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. She is a cheerleader for all humans. Sees good in the world and doesn't waste time and energy on things that are not. She is a friend, a fighter and a badass. These items will be purchased and worn to show the support Lindsay has rallying around her during this time. 

Available in unisex tee, womens tank (will be similar colors but will vary in style), sweatshirt and stickers. 


Proceeds will be donated to a scholarship fund for Lindsay's daughters in honor of the time their mama kicked cancer's ass! Thank you for the support! If you would like to donate more, please Venmo @evenmoremcvay with Lindsay's name as the note or add to purchase here. 


Lindsay shared on March 17:

One month ago, our lives began to change forever.

During a colonoscopy, my doctor found a tumor.

2 days later, pathology confirmed it was cancer.

9 days later, a CT scan showed that it had spread extensively to my liver.

4 days later, we heard the word ‘incurable’ used for the first time.

Today, I had a port placed in my chest as I await the beginning of my chemo treatment. Today, I feel like my journey as a cancer patient has begun.

In 4 days, we will be leaving our island home to return to Arizona for my treatment where we can be surrounded by family and friends. We will be leaving an amazing community of friends and neighbors here in Hawaii who have carried us through this past month with an unbelievable amount of kindness, help, love, and support.

This is the face of stage 4 colorectal cancer at age 37.

If you pray, please pray for us - for my beautiful daughters, my husband, my family, for me. We pray for hope, strength, and healing as we begin this journey.



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Stickers for Lindsay